Budget Fit Workshop

The vision of the Katy-Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated to expand its financial literacy education beyond the youth who are members of this organization by providing a Budget Fit Workshop became a reality with the award of the 2011 Jacqueline Robinson Grant from the Jack and Jill of America Foundation. Our goal was to provide the Waller County community youth with necessary financial education tools to help them to better understand the skills needed to successfully manage a household.

The Budget Fit Workshops took action with the title “It’s All About THE Money” – A Fun and Interactive Expo on Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. They were held at the Boys and Girls Club which is located at 4010 4th Street, Brookshire, Texas 77423.

The interactive nature of “It’s All About THE Money” – A Fun and Interactive Expo were the pivotal factors to the program’s success.

Initial Desired Goals

  • Wants vs. Needs” – To effectively distinguish the difference between a want versus a need which will facilitate smarter financial planning.
  • The importance of savings – To teach the benefits and rewards of saving.
  • Money management – To emphasize the importance of and aid in the creation of a livable personal budget.
  • Basic banking skills – To learn basic banking and financial skills to interact effectively and beneficially with financial institutions.
  • At the Registration table, the participants registered and completed their Pre-Test. They were then given their Guide which is below. Tied with strings on each side and hung over their neck, it served as a reminder for the activities to complete.

The participants also received their registration bags which were packed full of giveaways from local financial establishments such as Amegy Bank, Chase Bank, Compass Bank, Bank of America, and various credit unions. The registration bags also included Capital One Bank Piggy banks which were donated by the South Central Region of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated. Some of the registration bags were Capital One bags which were also donated by the South Central Region of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated. The bags also included notepads, cups, play checkbooks, pencils, and $$ mint candy. The pens donations were also included in the registration bags, as well as used throughout the program. They were from Brock Orthodontics, Michael Macuulusko, DDS, JC Penney, OGA West, OGA, and Wells Fargo.

The participants also received their stipend of $$ in play money which could be used to purchase snack at the Grocery Store or real goodies at the Fun Store.

In addition to the materials disseminated at the workshop, the youth were also provided with hand-outs that will be useful for financial planning for them and their parents in the future. The Expo included a variety of different stations with engaging activities for the children to participate in. The planning for the stations was based on addressing the goals for the workshop.


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